Crude Oil Centrifuge System – Skid Mounted

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Crude Oil Centrifuge System – Skid Mounted

ORS custom built crude oil and slop oil processing systems are more elaborate then the self-contained units. These systems are typically delivered in skid modules which are installed in a enclosed (fixed) land-based facility. The open layout permits the use of shale-shakers to remove large debris from the crude or slop oil. Additional modules such a chemical dosing stations, proprietary static mixing elements, large capacity crude oil heating systems and others can be included in overall slop treatment process.

ORS can help with recommended layouts for such custom crude and slop processing plants. We have considerable field experience installing and commissioning complete plants at various domestic (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois etc.) and international (Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Columbia etc.) locations.

Also a custom land-based crude & clop processing plants typically do not have the confined space limitations which exist with the containerized modules. ORS has supplied multiple facilities at large crude & slop lagoons and at Salt-Water-Disposal (SWD) sites in the SW states.

We work with the customer’s existing facilities (tanks; heat source; slop pits etc.) to design a compatible system to minimize startup time and payback periods.