Crude Oil Recovery System Specs

Crude Oil Recovery System Specs

ORS modules primarily use a 3-step process to separate crude oil (slop oil) from BSW:

– Heating & Pre-Screening to separate large debris
– Re-Heating and De-Sludging to remove bulk solids
– Re-Heating and Separating Water and Fine Solids to produce clean oil

 Crude Oil Treatment Block Diagram

Optional equipment such as Chemical Polymer Dosing; In-Line Agitation; Heat Recovery; Hot-Water Supply Systems; Closed Loop Thermic Fluid Heating Systems; Agitated Buffer Tanks; Produced Water Treatment Systems etc. are also available on customer needs.

ORS Crude Oil processing systems are available in two basic configurations:

“Self-Contained” or “Containerized” Modules

Containerized Crude Oil Recovery modules feature a complete 1/2 BPM or 1 BPM system built inside a standard steel 20′ or 40′ shipping container. All primary oil processing components including pre-heater; pre-strainer; de-sluder / decanter; 3-phase disc centrifuge are assembled inside the container. System accessories such as control panel; surge tanks; sludge tank; feed, discharge & sludge pumps, decanter sludge auger etc. along with other auxiliaries – built-in service crane, lighting, operational deck etc. are also integrated into the system.

Containerized Oil Recovery systems offer mobility and eliminate the need for site enclosure which can add up to considerable cost and time savings.

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“Custom Built” or “Land Based” Systems

Land Based Oil Recovery systems are designed for installation inside fixed buildings. All primary oil processing components including pre-heater; pre-strainer; de-sludger / decanter; 3-phase disc centrifuge are supplied assembled on heavy-duty industrial skids. Each skid is completely assembled, piped, electrically wired w/ control panel and tested. These skids are individually supplied and are interconnected with piping and electrical supply on site.

Lower cost and shorter lead-times are the main advantages of Custom Built / Land Based Oil Recovery systems.

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